Friday, June 26

Sushi at Jerry-San's

Y'know, I usually post-date posts to reflect when the actual nommage occurred, but at this point, I'm so bleedin' late it doesn't really matter. In fact, I haven't posted anything worthwhile in ages. I have only myself to blame, folks, and I do apologize. I just haven't been doing anything interesting in a while, and it's reflecting itself in my food.

But enough excuses. To the sushi!

Jerry-San's has been a family tradition ever since Kuya found it some seven-odd years ago. I really can't remember how long it's been, but I remember I still had ideals and morals, so it had to have been a while. Fact is, this place is fresh. Every time you go, there's always at least one or two cuts of fish that just taste like butter. Everything else is fantastic, but you just catch that one piece of fatty tuna and black out with joy.

Anyway, enough babbling. You'll have to forgive the poor quality of the photos - I managed to forget ma petit amie's camera for the excursion, so I had to go back to just using my phone.

We opened, as we always did, with the delectable and irreplacable crunchy spicy tuna hand roll.

It's like a fishy ice cream cone. It's sweet, it's spicy, it's got that crumbly crunch that comes from the tempura flakes... I could seriously eat these all day, every day. They're just so damned addictive.

Next up was some clam thing he always makes for us...

And a little somethin' extra he made for Kuya and I.

Hee! Wasabi tobiko with a quail egg. A perfect little palate cleanser, snacky enough for us to enjoy while he set up our next course:

Mmmmm. Sashimi. Left to right, that's salmon, yellowtail, regular tuna, and scallops with lemon slices. Everything was fantastic - the salmon was deliciously fatty, the scallops go great with that nip of citrus, and the yellowtail just melted on the tongue. I love tuna, so I'll spare you the description of nomming on those luscious hunks of fish.

And while we took our time chewing on the sashimi, we chatted with each other and Jerry, catching up on former sous chefs, the opening of his new location... it was nice, especially since we all got spider rolls out of it, too.

I've always got a soft spot for tempura crab, especially in family situations. Probably because it was mom's favorite roll, and I like to think we honor her when we get them at Jerry's.

We were coming up on the end of the meal. Seeing as how it was my birthday, I knew I wasn't getting away without dessert, but before I did...

Just one more crunchy spicy tuna hand roll. For the road. Before the tempura cheesecake.

Happy birthday to me! Mind you, after this delicious wad of creamy, crispy sweetness came four sake bombs in quick succession. I think Ku's got all the pictures of that. I'd have to say, this decade is starting out right.

Cheers, guys! I'll catch you 'round. Stay good in the meantime.

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