Monday, August 16

Bacon Bash 2010

Hiyo folks! I'm back, and so is Mr. Baconpants's Bacon Bash! Apparently Vande Rose Farms wasn't around this year, so the man himself reeled in a sponsorship from Sugardale and hosted the Bacon Bash under his own power. What a guy, eh?

Ah, there's a welcome sight. A little further up...




Also in the "no just no" category:

I'm not big on the taste of vodka, but I hate to say it, this is one thing bacon can't improve. In fact, it's downright nasty. Now granted, I tried it in its straight-up form. If you're into bloody maries (which I'm not) it's probably better.

Let's eat! Returning items included pierogies, wings, and deep fried bacon, which I sadly missed. Let's take a look at the new entries.

Bacon wrapped meatball: Why didn't we think of this earlier? I mean, I could do without the maple glaze, but the concept is sound as a pound.
Bacon wrapped breadsticks: Again, why didn't we think of this earlier? Topped with a little parmesan, this was a great little treat. Maybe could use more bacon.
Bacon wrapped tofu: About time! Finally, tofu I can stand.
Bacon shotglass of cheesy bacony mashed potatoes: Heaven in a bite. You know you want some.

Bacon sushi: It's back, and this time it includes that thing you see in the upper right corner of the corner frame. It's got some bacon, scallions, and bound by baconnaise, and put atop a little sushi rice cake and wrapped in seaweed. Nice!
Bacon wrapped jalapeno popper: Really, the fattiness of the bacon cuts the heat of the jalapeno. Fantastic.
Bacon alfredo: I'm dying to take this for a spin. I think the best alfredo I've ever had was salmon, and that gave me the idea to add stuff to alfredo sauce. In this case, shallots and bacon. Very very nice.
BLT slider: You know, anyone can make one of these. So, um, yeah. Still good though.

They're talking about a cookout next year. I'm there!

Sunday, August 1

Snapshot: Chicken and Salad.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I haven't posted in months. I've had all sorts of excuses - bad camera, at school all the damn time, too tired... But I'm out of excuses. So I'm just going to drop you guys a line, open a window into what I do for dinner these days.

Lo! This here's an arugula and watermelon salad with a honey-balsamic vinaigrette. And to the side is chopped sesame and soy-braised chicken on a cracked-wheat crostini.

Snapshot taken. Can't let Diko take all the credit here. Carry on.