Thursday, April 16

Corned Beef Soup

Here's a story that happened a few weeks ago. Way back around St. Patrick's, we made a corned beef. (Hands up all of you who are surprised that it's the Alton Brown recipe. No one? Good.) But when you cook the thing in that massive pot of water, you're left with, well, a massive pot of water. Except this pot happens to taste of corned beef. Waste not, want not. So what do you do?

Just throw in some more potatoes, carrots, and cabbage, like you're making another corned beef. Of course, you've got to add some beef to that. Choose your favorite cut, or find the thing labeled "stew meat", or if you're lucky to find it, a couple of pounds of brisket cubed.

Of course, the beef winds up tasting corned, what with it steeped in the leftovers of an already corned beef. Two for the price of one! There's this strange side effect though. The first time around, I made it without the saltpeter -- the stuff that turns it pink. Second time --

-- huh. Wonder how that happened. Still, tastes pretty good.

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