Thursday, April 9

Bacon grease biscuits

Waste not, want not. I've been hanging on to the drippings from every pound of bacon for about... 5 years? I'd kept them in one of those quart-sized containers that Chinese food places deliver soup in, and to keep it from going rancid, I'd kept it in the freezer. Now that causes the cheap plastic to become very brittle, very quickly. When I moved in with my girlfriend, she dropped it. Twice. After shattering two containers, she blurted out, "You have this thing, but you never use it!"

Let's fix that, shall we?

Ho-kay. St. Alton's biscuit recipe is our target tonight. Note that there's 2 T of butter and 2 T of shortening, which will be switched out for bacon grease. The rest of the recipe will be left alone. Mostly.

The bacon grease complies nicely when you mush it into the flour mixture. Now, most people roll the dough out and then cut them with a round cutter. Then they say "when you reroll the dough, the second batch won't be as fluffy." Then why reroll? Unless your biscuits must be round, just plunk them down in a big rectangle, then use a pizza cutter to divide them.

And heck, while I've got the bacon grease out, let's brush melted bacon grease on the tops to add some browning and flavor.

You want fluffy? Here you go:

You want flaky? Here you go:

You want a tuna croquette stuck in the middle? We can do that too:

They've got just a hint of bacon flavor. Definitely there, but not quite to the point where it's clobbering you over the head. Very nice.


Warmonger Smurf said...

It needs bits of bacon mixed into the dough.


Ma ~ said...

I'm gonna try this today...

And I cut my biscuits, too:)

Anonymous said...

I like pig in my stomach

Anonymous said...

yum. thanks a bunch. now i have something to go with my bean soup.")