Sunday, July 25

Parmesan french toast

Greetings, gentle readers! I’m sorry about the lapse in the almost-back-on-schedule monthly schedule, but things really fell apart here. I’ve got flooding damage in my basement, and Raoul’s running around crazy with his taco shop. But I’d better get back on the ball quickly, or something will collapse by the time the Bacon Tour comes back on August 10.

So at some point, I was flipping past Rachel Ray on the Food Network, and she was doing something with french toast for dinner. "That's interesting," I thought. "Savory french toast. Let me think about this."

So I did. And it wasn't really the toast that was the difficult part, it was creating the rest of the meal around it. But let's start at the beginning. Take some nice crusty bread, slice it thick and on the bias. Soak in custard a la normal, but then smush both sides in grated parmesan cheese before sending it to the frying pan.

Cook like normal.

Well, it looks pretty good and smells pretty good. Tastes pretty good too, but what now? In this case, I decided to go with something I haven't had in a while. So here's a veal chop of some persuasion. Let's start by seasoning it and browning it on both sides.

Oh hey look, it's our best friends, fond and fat! Add some flour to start the roux, then use a little white wine to deglaze.

Add some whole green beans and plate nicely... know what? I'm going to register for white dishes when I get married, so when I put together a nice plate, you can see it.

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