Tuesday, July 7

Night of Bacon: Eat 'n' Park's Midnight Buffet

From the instant my plane touched down in Pittsburgh, I knew my digestive tract was in for a hell of a ride. Met Diko and Kate at the airport, did the prerequisite hug-an'-how-are-ya thing, then... "You hungry?"

Hell yes.

The opening volley is not chronicled here, since anyone within spitting distance of a Chick-Fil-A can understand what I say when I say I had a #1 with an extra sandwich. With root beer, please. However, later that night, I was in for some gratuitous indulgings.

After an evening of shooting zombies/robots/terrorists at Dave and Buster's, my brother and I, along with a small cadre of his compatriots, made our way to the Eat 'n' Park for a Night of Bacon.

What is a Night of Bacon? Well, it's a breakfast buffet. And it has bacon. And the goal is to eat as much bacon as your tender heart desires. Because you can.

I was in the sandwiching mood, so I opted to have my first bacon intake be in the form of a bacon biscuit.

Now, that's a fair amount of bacon. But sometimes, you just have to mix it up a little, right? So Bayani, my dear brother and partner in crime on this webstain, split a waffle and stuffed it with bacon and sausage.

I could not let such a challenge go unanswered! I doubled the bacon, doubled the sausage, and threw in some pineapple to balance it all out. This combination, by the way, is highly recommended.

Mmm. Sweet and porky.

But my brother is not one to be outdone. We've been going at this all wrong, it seems. Biscuits, waffles, bready things of any kind... they just slow us down. We needed to get to the heart of the matter.

That's right. The sausagewich. Atkins would be proud.

Stay tuned, kids! If you think what we did Friday night was gross...


David Wagner said...

Wow. My arteries hurt just reading that post! Can't wait to see what you post next. I will, most assuredly, stay tuned...

Bayani said...

Sadly we forgot to take pictures of Primanti's on Monday....

Bayani said...

Oh, and the goal is not to eat as much bacon as you can, but to eat all the bacon. We haven't succeeded yet, but damn if we don't try.