Tuesday, May 5

Bacon Grease Dinner Rolls

The ongoing saga to make use of the Strategic Bacon Grease Reserve continues. I mentioned in my Anniversary Lamb post that we had these dinner rolls from the breadmaker with them. I have to admit, I wasn't totally sold on this idea. I made bread, swapping out the butter for bacon grease, and something was... off... with the texture. The mouthfeel wasn't quite right, like it was too moist, and the bubbles were too big, so it wasn't exactly structural.

The good news is that I didn't have this problem this time around. The bad news is that I can't give you a recipe -- breadmaker recipes are specific per bread machine, so if you don't have the same breadmaker as I do, I can't help you. And if you do have the same breadmaker, you already have the recipe. But don't despair. Just about any breadmaker should include a dinner roll recipe, use it with the "dough only" setting.

Divvy up the dough into equal portions. To get that nice exterior shell, pull the outside edges down and around themselves, then gather them into a point and secure it with a pinch.

Arrange them on a cookie sheet evenly, then set them somewhere to rise. Luckily, the house was a little humid and a little warm, so rise, my little yeasty minions! RIIIIIIIIIISE!

Wa ha ha ha! Brush a little more bacon grease on top for a little browning, then bake:

Nice little bit of browning there on the underside:

Check out the lovely texture:

And it hollows nicely, creating a little bready shotglass for a bite of lamb:

Awesome. Still have a bit of bacon grease to go through, so the bacon grease shall return.

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Warmonger Smurf said...

Dude. Your breadmaking skills are unstoppable.