Sunday, March 28

Salmon Wellington

Wellington. It's a pretty neat concept. Kinda like pigs in a blanket for people who wouldn't be caught dead eating "pigs in a blanket." So instead of biscuit you get hoity-toity puff pastry, and instead of sausage you get high-end beef tenderloin.

Or anything, really. But what? Beef is classic, and I watched St. Alton do pork tenderloin. A little digging around on ye olde internet suggested salmon. Mmm, I loves me some salmon.

So, you're supposed to add a little something on the inside, right? Well, I found a recipe for creamy cheesy kale that called for two leeks. And since you can't buy two leeks at my local grocery, I had to find something to do with the other two. So they're in the food processor with a stick of softened butter, some salt, and a few shakes of dill, and spun until it looks like this:

Kate swears by this stuff. I have to find more applications for it.

Use a bit of care when wrapping, since salmon doesn't have that nice cylindrical shape to work with. It's also got a sharp edge on the thin side, so be careful. A spot of egg wash will seal the deal, and cause some browning on the top.

This it what looks like in cross section...

...and here it is next to that combination of cream, harvati cheese, leeks, and kale.

Oily and flaky inside, light and flaky outside. Very nice all around.

Must... post... more...!

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